Natural wigs

This wig is completely worked with the monofilament technique. Euro So.Cap. utilizes exclusively Indian REMY hair for this product. The cap frontal is worked on a tulle-net that makes the join invisible, while the wig has two size-controllers in the sides, which allow for a moulding on the head, in order to let the wig perfectly stick to it.

This wig is supplied without hair-style, in order to let the client choose her individual look. Since the hair is 100% natural, every kind of treatment is possible: dying, shading, perming, styling and so on.

Available sizes: 20 and 22 inc. Length: 16/18 inc. Available colours: all natural colours.


1B.Black2.Dark Brown4.Brown6.Light brown
8.Dark blond10.Beige light blond12.Golden light blond14.Light blond
17.Medium blond20.Ultra-light blond24.Very light blond27.Golden blond
26.Golden very light blond28.Dark copper29.Copper30.Copper golden light blond
32.Mahogany brown33.Mahogany light brown44.salt/pepper35.Intense red
530.Red130.Copper red light brownDB2.Light golden blondDB3.Golden blond
DB4.Dark golden blond1001.Platinum blond1001.Very light platinum blond1002.Very light ash blond
1002.Light natural silver1003.Golden ultra very light platinum blond1004.Ultra very light platinum blond
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