Care and Upkeep

Euro So.Cap. ensures that, with a regular use of the new Silk System Professional products, the hair will be kept bright, silky and smooth. Euro So.Cap. recommends to wash the hair delicately using the ART SUPER SHAMPOO that leaves it nourished and hydrated.
During the shampoo the hair must be massaged and dried following the cuticles direction avoiding unnecessary hard rubbing. After the shampoo, when the hair is still wet, apply NUTRY CREAM to give brightness, volume and extricates the hair, easing the hairstyle.
Spray SNODE on wet hair and massage it for 2 - 3 minutes, comb delicately with a wide tooth comb from tips up to the roots. After rinsing, dry the hair without rubbing it to preserve the natural closing of the scales.
Apply few drops of SERUM FLUID on the ends and gather it in a ponytail or braid in occasions such as swimming pool, sauna, sea, gym or while sleeping, because in all these cases the salty elements of sea water, pool water or sweat can dehydrate the hair making it frizzy, hard to comb, knotted and tangled.
For a correct upkeep of the hair, the periodic use of the mask Nutry cream is highly recommended as it leaves the hair nourished and revitalized.
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